The artistical development of the painter Paul Müller-Kaempff is closely connected with the village Ahrenshoop.  He is considered to be the founder and one of the most important figures of the artists’ colony of Ahrenshoop.  Unfortunately, a part of his inheritance was burned during the Second World War.  Today, most of his inheritance is probably either in the possession of friends and art collectors or in public museums and art collections.  Until now, there exists no catalog raisonné or list of his inheritance.
During long lasting searches over the last years, I, the author of this homepage, have found more than 1000 possessions of his artistic heritage with the support and cooperation of many art collectors.
It is my wish to give a compendium about all available artistic merits of Paul Müller-Kaempff and his wife Else to present a catalog raisonné.

Because of that, I am asking for any information regarding the whereabouts of paintings, pictures, written documents, or any other material related to Else and Paul Müller-Kaempff. If you would like to contribute anything, please submit a digital copy along with information of the size of their work(s) (see contact information below).  All information will be treated as strictly confidential.  I appreciate your help and thank You very much in advance.


"Am Hohen Ufer" in Ahrenshoop, picture in privat hands
The author of this web page at his desk


Dr. Konrad Mahlfeld, M.D. Ph.D.